Digital Narrative Games

Single mothers and their daughters!

I have been a child of divorce since i was 3 years old and I was raised by my mom so i could really relate to this game so i chose to play it. The game tackled important real life situations that occur in the lives of people with divorced parents. Throughout the game, you play the role of the mother first where you are put in situations that a single mom goes through with the father and in her life. Then you take the role of the daughter where you are put through different scenarios that a child of divorce face throughout their life. Bh default i related to most of the situations that the daughter faced however, the role of the mother was more interesting for me since it made me put myself in the shoes of my mother and all the situations she had to face and handle all by herself. I don’t thing the game needs more improvement but maybe just add more scenarios since it was a bit short.

Losing A Parent

I chose to play this game since it represents my biggest fear in life. Growing up, i always feared losing a parent or a close family member. This game puts you in a the situation that a person who have lost a parents goes through. It explains how this incident can be very traumatic for people throughout their whole life. The game tries to put you through a variety of situations like if you would talk openly about the topic with your partner or kids in the future. Thankfully, i never faced a similar situation but it was helpful for me to try to see how these people feel and how they could heal by trying to talk about it openly with others. It helps you build empathy toward people going through similar situations and understand their grief. I honestly don’t really think that the game need improvements because it has multiple situations starting from a child going through this grief till you grow up and start your own family.

Depression Quest

This game was very depressing actually which was stated beside its title yet i decided to play it. It takes you through the daily life of someone suffering from depression. This helped to enlighten me about what kind of decision a person suffering from depression have to make everyday to be able to go on with their life. The game was a bit boring and as you go on it starts to limit the option available however, i believe that it could actually be intended to help us feel how these people suffer from their life being dull and they are faced with little options. I liked how throughout the game they keep reminding after every decision that you are suffering from deep depression and you are not seeking help. Also, the graphics were dry and black which i think suits the topic well and helps you to get in the mood.

Project Honduras

This game is based upon how fast you are able to make the right decisions when you are faced with limited time and also limited resources. By default, i chose the decisions that i believe are most important and would benefit the whole society which is why i got the highest points in every level. I liked the graphics used because it makes it look like a fun game but i think it was not challenging or educational enough so i think it need to have more advanced levels where the time is even more limited and the decisions are harder.


This game made me a realize how hard it is to decide how to spend you money when you already have a small amount. I was very stressed throughout the game because of how i was put in situations where i needed to take important decisions but i couldn’t because i can’t afford it. This made me see how being an unpreveligehd poor person is very challenging and tough. However, at the end its just a game so even the decision i make was based on me not wanting to finish all my money yet in real life you are sometimes left with no options. I think the game need to have more graphics to it since its a bit dull and maybe more challenging situations.

BBC Syrian refugees

This game was very challenging and stressful. I felt like whatever decision i make there is a possibility that i will either get caught, die or sent back. This game made me feel empathy towards all refugees in general as they are given very limited options and also risky ones. I think the game could be a little longer because it was very short and maybe out the player through even more challenging decision making situations.

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