Time Management Reflection

I chose this chapter in particular about time management because during this quarantine, i have been facing a lot of trouble in organizing my time efficiently, which actually was surprising for me because i thought that since i will be staying at how all day i will have more time to use efficiently .However, this quartile is causing stress for everyone and even depression. Staying at home for weeks without socializing or even going out for a walk is definetly not something easy but it is the best solution to end this nightmare. This chapter, emphasized on the importance of creating a master schedule to be able to organize the semester which i think is actually very beneficial and would help a lot of people in organizing my time throughout the day. I really liked how it gave me tips and tricks on how to do a weekly schedule to evaluate my time wisely and how i should manage it.

The part i liked the most was on how to manage daily tasks because for the past week i have been doing this and it really helped in managing my day.However, in the chapter it gave me new ideas on how to make this to-do daily task efficient and achievable. First, you should write all the tasks in order of dates and giving every task a specific time slot, rather than writing all your tasks and choosing randomly. For example if you have two assignments that needs to be done you should give each assignment an hour only or an hour and half rather than allowing yourself to spend the whole day doing only one task. This is something that i face almost every-time i have a couple of tasks to finish which is why i found that this part is very beneficial to me. Another point that was mentioned i found very interesting on how you should reward yourself to be motivated. i think this is something very important that most of us forget to do even though motivation is a basic need for all humans based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The last thing that was mentioned was how you should finish your tasks using small black of time rather than chunk blocks.

Overall, i think this chapter was very informative and beneficial specially during this time were all the students are suffering from managing there time properly and finishing their tasks without stressing and overloading themselves.

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