5 thoughts on “Empathy Project

  1. I started crying a few minutes in and I can’t stop. Wow. Just. Wow. And your voiceover, Dana is perfect, not overly dramatic but with emotions on the edges, and I love that you are speaking as the pet. The choice and order of clips is incredible. The main edit I would make it it is that you mention for each clip where you got it from because these are probably not made for people to reuse them and remix them freely, especially without attribution. Or is the collection of clips already in that order somewhere and you added the voice over?


    1. Thank you so much Dr. Maha, i am so glad you liked it. As for the videos, some of them are original videos that includes my pets and Heidi’s friend pets but some are from clips on youtube that we cropped and edited. I have all the links but i didn’t know how i should cite them. Like add them as links in the end of the video or send them to you.


      1. Links at end of video or in blogposts where you mention them. I love that some are original!! Mention this in your final reflection plz. Great job!


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