Empathy project final

After the spread of the pandemic, Egypt is seeing a surge in abandoned pets as residents fear they will spread coronavirus. And later on, it turned out that the idea of animal spreading coronavirus is just a rumor and a piece of false information. Fortunately, a lot of animal shelters decided to take care of these animals, to provide them with treatments, with food, and to nurture them. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility not only when it comes to taking care of it, but the way you treat it says a lot about you as a person. Our relationship with our pets is completely human-centered. And so, a person risking his pet’s life by leaving it in the streets with no food, no shelter because he fears it will transmit him the coronavirus is a sort of egotistical act and very inhuman. It only shows that this person doesn’t deserve to own a pet. And it contributes and perpetuates the undeniable cycle of a human-centered human/animal relationship. And what aggravates more the issue is the idea that the majority of people who decided to abandon their pets in the streets are people from middle-to-upper social classes whom their minimal educational attainment is a degree. This shows that even the most educated individuals in Egypt aren’t fully aware of animal rights; besides, they believe rumors and don’t question the credibility of the information spread.We are very passionate about animal rights and being the voice of the voiceless. So we decided to do a short video that emphasizes this issue and try to raise awareness as much as we can. 

When making the video, we starting planning the best way for this video to actually affect the emotions’s of the people and make them eager to stop such inhumane act. So after an intensive research we decided to split the video into two parts. The first part represented pets that are still domestically owned, which some belonged to us, some belonged to our friends and some were . We chose the footages that showed how pampered and loved these pets are by their families to be presented at the beginning of the video followed by the footages that showed the abandoned and abused pets thrown in the street. We insisted on using this transition to be able to trigger the emotional part in our viewers. Also, the footages were accompanied with our choice of a very emotional and saddening music to able to make the viewer feel what they hear and see which i believe is crucial because music helps in expressing feelings. Our hashtag in the video is #voiceofthevoicless, which is the whole purpose of this video that’s why Haidi and i decided to make my voice over using first person. In my voiceover, we chose simple yet meaningful words to try to express how these abandoned pets think and feel when they are abandoned in the streets.

The tricky part was editing the video because we had to crop multiple footages from different videos then added the voice over and the background music in specific order to follow the flow and sequences of the video. To conclude, this was for me the most interesting assignment throughout the whole semester because we got to chose a topic that we are passionate about so it was very exciting to work on. Haidi and i are very passionate about helping the helpless animals and encourage people to be kind to them. I even have an instagram page called Petsofegy where i uploaded the video to reach as many people as possible to help in raising the awareness against abandoning pets due to the spread of Corona virus. The video got 500 views which is way more than expected and that’s only on instagram, i also shared on all my social media platforms to help in taking a stand against such horrendous act.

Links of Youtube videos:

Link of the background music: Max Richter. “She remembers”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg4SgNYeCgU

And finally link of the video.

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