Tools Reflection

Throughout my educational years in uni, i have used several digital tool to help in my learning process. In this course, i have used some of the previously familiar tools yet some new tools that i haven’t used before. This blog post will include the tools which i found it interesting to use and have helped me to complete this course.


In the past years ,I have always used youtube to watch movies, listen to music or watch a ted talk. However, in this course it was my first time to use YouTube to post my own created content. For the digital pathway project, me and Haidi chose to represent our topic in a form of a video because we thought that this will be the best way to represent our message about raising awareness against abandoning of pets due to the spread of COVID-19. At first, we tried other methods to share our video with Dr.Maha and our colleagues but they failed since the file of the video was very large. Then it popped in my mind to use youtube so i made an account and staring uploading our video and i it was the first time to know the features available. I was given options to choose the appropriate age to view the video ,to add a description and even choose if the video should be private or public. I think it was the easiest way to upload the video online and share it with everyone by o only copying and pasting the link of the video.


Zoom is an application that offer video conferencing like Skype however, it has various and more features than most of the video conferencing application i have used before.

I was first introduced to Zoom this year since it has been the most used application the past few months due to the global pandemic we are facing. Everyone is using it to try to complete their work tasks and life routines. I used it to attend virtual classes to able to complete this academic semester and to meet up with my team mates to work on our projects since it has the feature of screensharing which i found very useful. During our empathy project, me and Haidi used to talk on zooms for hours while sharing our screen so we could choose together which clips to use and which edits to implement so it was very handy. I also used to to workout with my friends since all training facilities are closed and i used to workout 3-4 times a week. Another interesting feature available in Zoom is the breakouts room, which we used several times in our class. This feature allowed us to be grouped into several groups and discuss different questions or discuss different articles as we did in class on May 4th, when Dr.Maha grouped people who read the same article together so we can discuss it efficiently. However, the application sometimes lags or makes leave the meeting automatically when there is a weak internet connection which occurred with me several times.


At the beginning of the semester, when i was first introduced to the assignment of Solyia i wasn’t really excited fro such experience because i thought that i won’t be comfortable to have a  two hour video conference for 4 weeks with people that i don’t know and all from different nationalities. However,rafter the first meeting i started getting used to the idea and i really enjoyed the different topics we chose to talk about like  cultures, importance of traveling and  gender equality. We were encouraged to express ourselves freely while also taking care not to unintentionally hurt other’s feelings. Our facilitator always made sure to engage all the participants and give everyone a chance to express themselves freely. I also liked the diversity of Soliya since i believe that its important to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures and to get to know their opinions on certain topics because this helps in developing proper views and well oriented opinions on  certain topics. Last but not least, i really liked how the conversations on Solyia was informal to an extent so it felt more like a new and different experience rather than an assignment. Im glad that i had the chance to be a part of this assignment because i think it is an important and interesting experience.

Word Press:

I was also introduced to word press through this class from the beginning since we use it in submitting our assignments in the form of blog posts. At the beginning of the semester, i wasn’t used to the website and i struggled to set up the account. Also, i didn’t know how to view my own posts or how to follow my colleagues but as times passed i got more and more used to it. This was the very first time for me to create a blog so i was actually very excited that all our class work and assignment is to be in form of blogs rather than the traditional way ,in form of formal papers, which most of the other courses use.

Writing blog posts helped in completing my assignment and expressing my opinion easily since i don’t have to use a formal tone which makes it easier of course. Also, the idea of following my colleagues, being able to read their posts and add a comment or like was very interesting and helpful for me as i could help them by giving them feedback and vice versa.


Slack is an application , that offer a communication platform and that you can download on your phone or laptop, which was a very convenit feature for me since i have always have my phone withe me and i received notification when anything new was added the channel. It was the first time to hear about slack through this course since we use it in all our communications like posting about new assignments, shared zoom links for the class, articles to read and even random memes and jokes. This was defiantly a new and better way to communicate all together as a class because its easier to accesses i said from you phone, its faster to reach out for the Dr using the feature of chatting rather than the hassle and the formality of the email and you can create different channels for every topic like we did for this course. We had a channel for Solyia, assignments and a private channel for the class so we can ask our colleagues questions. Dr. Maha always remind us with due dates and class times during the quarantine , which was very important since during this time most us are not able to keep up with remember deadlines.

I really liked the use of the application Slack more than Blackboard and WhatsApp because it has more features and it is easier for us to communicate and share things together as a class.

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